Research Design

    Taiwan Youth Project (TYP) was started in the spring of 2000, with junior high students from Taipei County, Taipei City, and Yi-Lan County’s as the study population. In order to examine the effects of Taiwan’s educational reforms on the students, TYP takes two cohorts as the study subjects: the 1st year junior high students with an average age of 13 (those taking reformed high school entrance system) and the 3rd year junior high students with an average age of 15 (those taking old high school entrance system).

    During the phase I, the sampled youth have advanced from their early adolescence into early adulthood. After the end of phase I in 2009, both samples have become young adults of 22 (seniors in college) and 24 (college graduates) respectively. The transition from early adolescence to early young adulthood has been successfully recorded. It is clear that there will be certain duration before the sample enters the adulthood. For a feasible future plan, an ideal and natural development is to continue studying the panel samples into adulthood.

    The following sections introduce our sampling design and sampling results (final samples).