Application Procedures

Since the end of July 2008, TYP has authorized the Survey Research Data Archive to release information and updates on each phase of the project. To download any released information, please register as a SRDA member and follow the SRDA member terms and conditions. For more information on member qualifications, download procedures, and other requirements, please refer to the SRDA website.

1. To use any information on this website, please refer to TYP’s publications and properly credit the information that you use (including manuscripts).

2. If using any work using information from TYP (including manuscripts), please inform us. For future research, please also provide the bibliography of your work, and full text would be greatly appreciated.

3. Any work using information from TYP (including manuscript) must carefully list the following Mandarin or English acknowledgement. Please refer to the example and SRDA member terms 8.10 to the standard acknowledgement form.

4. Please be advised that no commercial use on TYP’s information is permitted without approval and no downloaded information is allowed to be shared.

5. Please include “Taiwan Youth Project” or “TYP” in the abstract or keywords of your work.

6. If you have any questions about using the information, please feel free to contact our project assistant ( For further guidelines, please refer to the SRDA member terms.

Acknowledgement Example

Data analyzed in this paper (article) were collected by the research project "Taiwan Youth Project" sponsored by the Academia Sinica (AS-93-TP-C01). This research project was carried out by Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, and directed by Dr. Chin-Chun Yi. The Center for Survey Research of Academia Sinica is responsible for the data distribution. The authors appreciate the assistance in providing data by the institutes and individuals aforementioned. The views expressed herein are the authors' own.