Research Focus

Taiwan Youth Project (TYP) is a collective research mainly leaded by the Institute of Sociology at Academia Sinica and assisted by many research fellows from Taiwan’s universities. The project aims to study youth’s life experiences and development process from a life course perspective. By examining the interplay among three dominant institutions: family, school, and community, TYP focuses on exploring the youth’s different growth trajectories and developmental patterns responding to diverse social contexts from adolescence to young adulthood. Youth’s life experience is generally accumulated from family, school, and community, and the effects of the interplay among these social institutions are reflected in youth’s process of socialization. From the perspective of social dimensions, TYP hence puts emphasis on significant social mechanisms affecting Taiwan’s youth’s growth in order for our main research goals listed below:

(1) To delineate diverse patterns of development process of Taiwan's youth.

(2) To examine youth’s development process by focusing on the interplay among family, school and community.

(3) To explore possible linkages between adolescence and young adulthood from the perspective of life course.

(4) To analyze the application and the effect from social capital posed during youth’s development process.

(5) To plan a longitudinal and cross-generational survey.